The essays of Stefano Pasquini Stefano Pasquini regularly writes for NYArts Magazine, Luxos and Collezioni Sport & Street.

Interview with Jay Jopling, 1993
Interview with Franco Vaccari - in Italian -
Mariko Mori: Empty Dream
SoHo, Saturday afternoon
The New York of Ilya Kabakov's assistants
Sanitation, Sensation and Glorification
Michael Dvorkin: The innocence of age
Catatonia Review
Harvesting the new art world
Portrait of a weirdo: Tom Friedman
Nancy Grossman - Loud Whispers
The artist as a nomad
One last word on Puerto Rico: Papo Colo
Barney Hodes - Compulsive Humanity
The Unquittable Journey of Uri Dotan
Overcoming the complex - Young Japanese Art
The Oxymoron of Venice
Carla Gannis
2010: UnEducated Guess
Art and Politics: An intimate relationship
Eva Marisaldi
The Invisible Artist: Emilio Fantin
A Portrait of Giorgio Sadotti
Officina America
Chatting with Marco Maggi
A Bridge for Baghdad
It's a BIG Social Game
Federico Solmi
Solder an abyss with air
Arte Fiera 2003
The enemy is in the house - 50th Venice Biennale
N:R:G: - It's good to be back
Zelda Panda: ARTIST
The "True" images of Claudio Serrapica
ON/Megumi Akiyoshi: ARTIST
Simply Elia
James Jessop: ARTIST
Arte Fiera 2006
Junkwook Grace Rim: ARTIST
Il Castrato: Katarzyna Kozyra and the Open Wounds of Society
Anitra Hamilton: ARTIST
Elena Nemkova: ARTIST
Art is everywhere - especially on a Friday in the Tampa Bay Florida
When you become the art
Making art in the time of Facebook
The Multiple Extravaganza
THE ONE WHO CLEARED COMPLEXITY - Mike Kelley at Hangar Bicocca, Milan

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